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By combining the work of our NBG Scouts with the crowd sourced bike route data that Google has on line, the above is our San Francisco to Washington, DC connection (if you would like to connect your business to the coast-to-coast National Bicycle Greenway with a route, contact us at Toward that end, in mirroring what Carl Fischer did with the Lincoln Highway (America's first coast-to-coast road), as Martin Krieg describes in "How America Can Bike and Grow Rich, the National Bicycle Greenway in Action" with "Lessons Learned from America's First Coast-to-Coast Highway in Building the NBG", we no longer have to look for the best route, we have now begun the work of getting cyclists on to this one. And the more it gets used, the more there will be a demand for it to become the perfect world National Bicycle Greenway (described HERE) we long have foreseen! This as it benefits, in innumerable ways, all the communities and businesses through which it passes!!

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