Martin Krieg

I am Martin Krieg, a business school graduate of Cal State University Hayward and former accountant. I have crossed the country twice on a bicycle after first rehabilitating myself from paralysis, clinical death and a seven week coma as a result of a car wreck.

In 1979, I rode across America on a standard upright bicycle. On my second trip across America in 1986 I rode a recumbent bike and organized media events, public speaking and fund raising for the National Head Injury Foundation. That ride reached 40 million people amongst my newspaper, public speaking and TV and radio appearances. Upon its completion, to spread the word for the interconnected network of safe bikeable roads and paths called the National Bicycle Greenway (NBG) (which became a nonprofit in 1993) I foresaw after my ride ended in Boston, from 1987 to 1994, I published 60,000 Cycle America Regional Directories in four different parts of California.

In 1994, WRS Publishing published the book I had written and rewritten for 14 years. Called Awake Again (sample or buy the E-Book HERE), it shows how I turned my long rehabilitation and subsequent bike rides, into the same game I am playing now to make the NBG real. Once this next chapter of my life's dream, the NBG, can stand on its own, I will then return to my writing and public speaking, Until then:

For the next five years, I alternated between traveling the country to promote my book and learning the excitement of the all new World Wide Web as I built the first web sites for well over a hundred small and large bike companies. In 1997, I began a campaign to send hundreds of cyclists to Washington, DC. It started in Santa Cruz, CA with two Swing for NBG events and a Lighthouse Party send off. All of which ended with a widely know bike celebration called Cycle America 2000. We brought that excitement back to the West Coast with two huge cross country relay rides both of which ended in the Surf City with huge Festivals in 2002 and in 2003. During this time, I also personally inspired, coached and consulted on over a dozen other successful transcontinental bikes rides.

From Palo Alto, CA, starting in 2003, we kept producing the annual National Mayors' Ride and I began the Mountain Movers Podcast series. In addition, I also finished How to Bike America and began working on a business plan for the NBG as well as what would amount to the sequel for "Awake Again' called “How America can Bike and Grow Rich, The National Bicycle Greenway Manifesto” (HBGR).

I took the 2007 Mayors' Ride season off to devise a fully interactive Google mapping system that runs like a game while building community to let users calculate, request, plan, utilize, store, display and vote on bike routes. I did this all toward the end of showing how, in our increasingly crowded world, the internet can now make the bicycle the superior way to move one's self about. Complications with my internet service provider in 2009, however, forced me to regroup after the scroes of on-line maps users had placed at vanished. Testimonials and more info about this mapping API.

By the time I discovered that my ISP was not going to be able to deliver the mapping product my small team and I had devised, and Google then introduced bike mapping, I was too far along with the TransAm ride I was building to promote our new service; I was unable to turn around. In the summer of 2009, then, with the economy crashing all around me as a plethora of sponsorships I had worked to develop all dried up, I did a scaled down version in which I only rode 1000 miles before I had to end the ride. In what now amounts to a test run because of all the unprecedented, horrific weather, I rode the Eagle HiWheel (pictured at right), the only one like it in active use in the world, from San Francisco to Salt Lake City.
In 2010, my next attempt to cross the USA on the amazing Eagle was put on hold by a car that turned left in front of me. After a 16-month foray into the world of internal combustion (I remained Car-Free) looking for ways to get the 15-person Busycle towed across America as part of my ride (this difficult period is explained in "The Oil in our Food and Everything Else") -

I went to Ireland, married Virginia and we had Cayo. From there, I staged the 2011, 2013 and 2014 Mayors' Rides, met with the president of Ireland and finished my book, "How America Can Bike and Grow Rich, the National Bicycle Greenway in Action".

Eagle in Sierras
Climbing and Descending on the rare, only HiWheel that can do so, the Eagle
In 2014, the Google mapping platform matured enough for us to be able to apply the decade of Mayors' Ride research our NBG Scouts have supplied to create the coast-to-coast route that will, in time, give way to the perfect world National Bicycle Greenway we have long foreseen.

In May 2015, I returned to America for our CA Mayors' Rides and landed in Davis, CA. After half a year of learning the local lay of the land in this small city of 65,000 people (when you don't include its 30,000 students), I spent the cold of winter finishing the book, "How to Move Mountains with Love and How Love Can Revitalize You, Our Communities, Nation and the World with the National Bicycle Greenway", I had begun in 1994. With that complete I was then able to turn my attention to establishing Davis as an of the 20 NBG  Anchor cities that connect San Francisco to Washinton, DC. While in Davis, Sinead Santich, made me one of the stars in this excellent UC Davis sponsored VIDEO about the two-wheel way of life.

In the Fall of 2017, I moved to Indianapolis, the Greenway Capital of America,
where I am learnig the exciting lay of the land!

Do Stay Tuned as me and my Velomobile (pictured below) bring a lot of excitement to what is also known as the Crossroads of America. As well as the home of the Lincoln Hwy, the first highway to cross America!

The most recent TV news about the NBG appeared in this beautiful 2 minute VIDEO, at left, that Sacramento based ABC-10 got on to the air waves on Nov 3, 2016!

315 lbs, 3-30-17

It is not how many time you get knocked down that count
but how times you get back up.
George Armstrong Custer

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Martin Krieg Mounting the Eagle HiWheel Bicycle
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