NBG TransCon Eagle Sponsor, Sunfood, Explains Its Rocket Fuel

Reposted from Feb 2013

We traveled to southern California to talk to the people who make what my long distance bike rides across America are now proving to me is indeed Grade A, Rocket Fuel. In all the training I have been doing that will soon get me and the 1891 Eagle HiWheel across America, I have found what I know will soon become the cyclist’s best friend, one of my ride’s main sponsors, Sunfood!!  You may want to pull your notebooks out as Brian Bowers and Chris Ochs at Sunfood teach those of us interested in high performance living how we can eat better. And how we can do so with the amazing foods they have been introducing to people all over the world for well over a decade.

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20933410-sunfood-logoOn the training rides I did for my 2011 ride I hydrated myself with a powdered drink mix they make called Sun is Shining. A specially formulated seaweed mix, it not only quenched my thirst but it  supplied the electrolytes that the sun leached from my body. It was by not replacing them that my urine had blood in it when I cycled the deserts of Nevada and the Bonneville Salt Flats on the Eagle in 2009.

In addition to what I drank while on the bike, I began my day the same way I ended it – with delicious superfood shakes. And because they tasted so great and reenergized me so much, I drank them mostly with Sunfood supplied ingredients  as much as I could. To make them, I added:

– Maca powder – from the Andes,  this is an amazing adaptogen that  increases energy, endurance, physical strength and oxygen in the  blood along with a   slew of other benefits.

– Kelp Flakes (I get mine from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables), like cacao, they are extraordinarily rich in minerals, They also contain an abundance of iron, calcium, iodine, vitamin B6, riboflavin and dietary fiber.

– Goji Berries (which I soaked the night before) are another adaptogen that I wish I had known about when I undertook the deserts of 2009, I mean, besides the fact that they help to keep the body hydrated, the enhanced stamina and strength they engender are just a few of their many health improving  by products.

– Cacao Powder was once so revered by the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations for its power as a food that it was used instead of gold as money. What is important to understand is that as raw chocolate in its purest form, it does not have an acceptable taste on its own. Toward that end, most of the chocolate most Americans consume is cooked and so processed and so  covered up with sugars and other taste enhancers that its many benefits are negated. While cacao may not have specific  performance enhancing properties  like some of the others foods I mixed it with, it, when viewed as a food, in its raw form, it is loaded with vital nutrients. It is the highest natural source of iron, magnesium and chromium.

This not to mention that it has the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world. In addition, it is the only food that contains the endorphin Anandamide that relaxes the body after exercise. As such, it was my nightly RAW chocolate bar that rewarded me well for some of the punishment I pushed myself through. This can be further illustrated by the fact that for 40 years, starting in the 1930’s, heart attack sufferers were injected with theobromine, the smooth muscle relaxant found in chocolate that also dilates blood vessels.

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To get all the benefits above, while I can use fruit juice and the Royal Jelly to neutralize the taste of the cacao and maca, I add cocoanut juice and bananas to fully supercharge a drink that actually keeps me from thinking about what I can eat next for hours.

As the anti-oxidant that it is, the coconut juice complimented the Sun is Shining I drank when I cycled so well that I operated at full throttle the whole way. Another super food, about which many researchers are singing the praise, cocoanut’s benefits are many. Possibly the king of the superfoods, its juice is so close to human blood plasma that World War iI jungle doctors used it to make emergency blood transfusions.

In sum, to show you how powerful my smoothies were, here is the blog entry I made in April 2010:


I just completed probably one of the briskest 25 mile training rides I have ever done on this very physically demanding Eagle HiWheel bicycle, and I feel excellent. Almost full throttle the whole way, I was trying to burn down the Sunfood super shake that had me so filled to the gills. And here now almost four hours later, after a very demanding  ride, I still feel full!!


Before I went out today, Sunfood nutritional consultant, Eric Pasimio, spent a worthy amount of time going over  all the products he had sent me to start working with. He gave me a sample recipe for the shake I still need a blender for. I stirred the concoction he recommended, sans the cashews and goji berries, all up by hand and drank it down. Too delicious and yes I was full. But I did not feel the jolt of energy after I also ate the nuts and berries on the side I was half expecting..


But you know what? The full stomach never went away. Even now, I don’t feel hungry for anything. And for those of us who roll the big miles (25 on the Eagle is easily like 50 on a road bike) that is unusual indeed!! And if this keeps up, which I know it will, you are going to see an Eagle HiWheel  ride across America that will set records never likely to be broken. WoW!!