NBG Vision Statement and Goals – Draft

NBG Vision Statement and Goals


11-23-13, 12/13/13, 1/10/14, 1/21/14

by Ray R Irvin, Martin Krieg


Connect America with a Coast-to-Coast interconnected Greenways system including connection of existing, planned and envisioned trails and pathways into our linked network of Greenway, Bikeway and Trails.  The system will, in time, connect the American landscape, coast to coast with a safe, separated, and contiguous trail system accommodating bikers, hikers, runners and all other types of pedestrian  conveyance. Parallel facilities for equestrian and unimproved surfaces for mountain bike, and cross- country accommodations should be included wherever possible.


To identify, communicate, support, assist, coordinate, share resources, develop events and speak on behalf of groups, organizations and communities, and to advocate for those committed to envisioning the Coast to Coast Greenways network, with branches connecting destinations across the USA.


Create a highly visible promotional mobile office (40-foot reconverted transit bus/RV) covered in an eye-catching graphic wrap that visually reflects the project’s mission and goals.  This graphic will include mapped-out connections showing existing, planned and gaps needed to be filled to accomplish the mission and goals of the NBG.

The mobile office will travel across the nation much like the grass roots presidential train tours, promoting and creating a “buzz” about the project, attending appropriate events and showing up at the right venues, nationwide including; state houses, city halls, college campuses, shopping malls, street festivals and bike shops for community meetings, rallies, fundraisers, ground breakings, trail openings, and  for the safety clinics we will produce.

The mobile presence will be at any event related to accomplishing our stated goals.


Be the facilitator of the unified national voice of millions of citizens advocating for the  development of the Coast-to-Coast Greenways and Bikeway trail as a way to cross the American landscape in a pedestrian friendly environment.

With our presence at any related opportunity, we will gather names, email addresses,  pass out graphic information and recruit and rally citizens to join in the effort and become supportive and vocal, sign petitions, write emails and postcards to decision makers around the country to forge the links of Greenways, Bikeways and Trails into a system connecting the nation.


Email, letters, social media, newspaper, radio and television and our rolling giant billboard,


– Make a dedicated effort to speak to and educate decision makers, have one-on-one and group conversations and be part of policy decisions, planning documents, development planning, and any activities that meet the goals of the NBG mission.

– Focus the attention in local communities towards this national effort.   – Demonstrate that each of these communities are a vital and valuable portion of the NBG and that they will be part of a big vision encompassing the entire nation. We will show them that contributing to the whole rather than only thier small piece results in a much bigger value to their community in the form of tourism, commerce, commendation and being part of the nationwide effort. They will.åsa result, see that a joint effort of all the voices will be far more thunderous than each individual voice.

NOTE: We have all heard the stories about  the communities that did not get an on/off ramp for  the interstate highway. They were left behind and withered on the landscape. The west is covered with such virtual ghost towns  and in the tourism and travel of the future, this is what will become of those population centers that do not connect with the NBG.


Consider reorganization of our  not-for-profit corporation so that we can  speak to government, as we  sell items related to the goals of the organization, educate about the benefits of health, recreation, commerce, infrastructures, tourism, local development opportunities, quality of life issues, and being part of a bigger world.


* At present we envision making use of existing roads and trails and upgrading them to interconnect as well as  meet the spec for safety for people power  conveyance we will have standardized. This until there is enough demand  in each of the communities in question for us to then work with interested parties  to  configure the  infrastructure that will be needed to turn them into the  dedicated Car Free arterials we foresee