The Winning Ways of Race Across America legend, Pete Penseyres

Today we got to visit with a true legend, the man whose Bob Beamon-like Race Across America record stood for almost 30 years – Pete Penseyres. An amazing man with an encyclopedic understanding of the cross country speed challenge his name loomed above for three decades, his gentle way will inspire you to go out and ride as he still does now at age 72!!   

Part One:

Part Two:

Here you will hear us talk about the important part recumbent bicycles, in particular the Lightning Cycle Dynamics recumbent, played in Pete’s Race Across America successes. Listen to little heard stories about how Freddy Markham and the rest of his Easy Racers, Inc. Gold Rush team had to drop out 200 miles from the end. This just as the Lightning team had drawn close enough to make for what could have been RAAM’s first ever photo finish..