2016 Davis NBG Fest

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at the Davis Commons  
(located next to Lincoln Hwy entrance to Davis –
Lessons Learned from America’s First Coast-to-Coast Highway in Building the NBG“)

A relaunch of the National Bicycle Greenway

connecting cyclists with San Francisco to Washington, DC and beyond


Live Music from local Davis Bands

11:30 Raffle announcements


NBG History  Martin Krieg
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11:40 Steve Stevens talk about  his 29 day HiWheel TransAm record

12 Dank Ocean


12:30 Raffle  reminder announcements
NBG vision Martin Krieg

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12:40 Ray Irvin, Mr Greenway How he turned Indianapolis into an internationally recognized model Greenway city

1:30 Raffle  reminder announcements

1:40  Charles Lang’s Piano Magic

2 Roots Mn Project


2:30 Raffle reminder announcements



2:40 Dr. Tilahun Yilma – arguably the top educator in the world, will talk about how his fervent road biking keeps his mind and his body young as he lectures the world around. Yilma, the only educator recognized by the National Academy of Science, created a vaccine for a virus that had  wiped out 90 percent of Ethiopia’s cattle, causing millions of people to starve to death in the late 1800s.

3 Charles Lang’s Piano Magic


3:15 Raffle   winners announced


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3:30 Davis Car-Free Mayor Robb Davis Bike vision for Davis and its 50-year anniversary of bike lane

3:45 finish

images-2Win the Lightning Phantom.
and other prizes (4-$50 Whole Foods certificates, $50 Yolo Berry Yogurt Certificate, $50 J Cunningham Salon Hair Care Products, Get Fit Davis free month w/free personal trainer,  2 – $25 certificates Grocery Outlet, $50 certificate Original Steve’s Pizza, $50 certificate Three Mile Brewing)  


img_2407On display at Whole Foods Davis!

40 Minute Introductory Tour of Davis from the Commons


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