Governor Brown & NBG National Mayors’ Rides Reinvigorated

Now that the Holiday season is complete and the US presidency has been settled,  we feel we can now vie for your attention with the National Bicycle Greenway. We want to tell you how the NBG has kept Martin Krieg busy over the last three months before we quickly then tell you what is ahead. 

How to Move Mountains with Love

To begin, “How to “How to Move Mountains with Love and How Love Can  Revitalize You,  our Communities, Nation and the World with the National Bicycle Greenway” is complete! You can buy it HERE!


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If you follow us on our blog, you also saw that per this link, Krieg poured a lot of life force into the NBG business plan. As a result, instead of the crowd funding campaign he thought he’d be mobilizing for right now, the P&L numbers showed him that we were on the right track with our Mayors’ Ride formula all along. As such it has been full Mayors’ Ride steam ahead here the last few weeks. Toward that end here is the Oakland CA proclamation we got from now governor Jerry Brown in 2002. In it he reaffirmed for Martin, who he mentions by name, why the National Bicycle Greenway is his life’s work. Click HERE, to see the full-size view.


Add that to the fact that the legendary Thomas Stevens began pedaling from Oakland in 1884 to become the first man to cycle across America, and you will see why we are coming to the May 27 Davis NBG Fest from Oakland instead of San Francisco to symbolically start our 2017 Mayors’ Ride to Washington, DC. 

HERE are the Sponsors that are helping us make the National Bicycle Greenway real.