Winters Now on NBG Route, Keni Shines, Tom Ayres Readying, Tons Davis NBG Fest News!

A – How NBG Fest Build NBG
B – Picnic Day, Sat 4/22
      The Eagle will be there, plus Bob Bowen, Davis Public Relations Manager, and his son Spencer
C – Keni’s Performance
D – UCD Whole Earth Festival
E – UCD SenIor, Julia Willmers, comes on as Davis NBG Fest photographer.
F – Eagle HiWheel tire week
G – Merry-go-round news
H – Table at Davis Double Century
I – San Francisco  to Palo Alto Ride
J = Treasure Isl  to Oakland riders needed 5/25
K – Winters option added to Napa to Davis  – Who wants to ride Tom Ayres in to Fest on 5/27?
L – American River Ride moves to Fall 
M – Rhaman Law video They ride – no pay unless win
Scott Campbell Star of NBG National Mayors’ Ride

A – While our nonprofit Articles of Incorporation maintain that we partake in activities related to bicycling to further our cause, here is exactly why we are doing  Davis NBG Fest!

How does the NBG Fest Get a Greenway Built?

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.49.01 PM

With the Davis NBG Fest as a template to the crowd funding business plan we will be putting out to bid next fall, we will be seeking the financial resources needed to replicate the Davis festival success we envision  in all 20 of the NBG  Anchor cities we are using to connect San Francisco to Washington DC.

 By localizing our national route with  festivals in this way we will use our bike parties as  as an inducement  for  businesses along our right of way to also buy  listings on our attractions maps <Davis example>  as well as  positions  on our  virtual tours <Reno example> 

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 10.29.22 AM

B – Next Saturday, April 22, is the widely celebrated 103rd running of the UC Davis Picnic Day event when tens of thousands of people descended upon the small city of Davis. And as my Facebook friends have seen, I have been busy in between all the other festival work I have been doing, getting a tire reinstalled on my Eagle so I can join Davis Public Relations Manager, Bob Bowen, who you see pictured waving here, and others, in the HiWheel contingent that is a part of the parade.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 1.39.38 PM

C – Later in the afternoon, at 2:30, Keni plays at the The ARC- (Activities and Recreation Center), One Shields Avenue,, 232 Shields Ave.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 10.31.22 AM

D – Per  application that I submitted to speak at the Whole Earth

Festival (May 12-14) at Sierra Lewandowski’s bequest, min case you missed it, here is what I submitted:

How Connecting San Francisco to Washington, DC with a dedicated bicycle right of way will yield the National Bicycle Greenway

Martin Krieg who has been pushing for the coast to coast bicycle highway called the National Bicycle Greenway, since 1986 after his bike ride across America that reached 40 million people, will explain how the connection his group foresees can  pay for itself as it makes use of existing roads and paths to form a dedicated alignment to the Nation’s Capitol. He will preface his discussion with a short overview of the historical precedent  for the NBG and how NBG cyclists of the future will find themselves on a few of the same roads Thomas Stevens used when in 1884 he passed through Davis on his way to becoming the  the first man to ride a bicycle across the USA and then around the world .

Krieg will explain how as  San Francisco, Washington, DC, and the 18 cities that stand between them  improve their cycling infrastructure to meet NBG standards, how this will become a route that will grow in popularity by leaps and bounds. And how it will be the businesses such as the eateries and lodging purveyors along the way  who push to improve this right of way. Until in time it becomes more and more car free and a great places for families and all levels of cyclists to experience the joy of riding a bike!!


Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 8.49.22 PME – At Keni’s Armadillo Music event on Saturday night, I met Julia Willmers  who was there documenting document the event with her beautiful Nikon D-3300 camera.  She had a tripod0, different lenses  and also carried herself like a true professional., so I asked her if she would be interested in photographing our event. 

She did a quick check of her calendar and said she is not booked and would be happy to! Soon we are going to be seeing a beautiful photo essay  of our event  care of Julie.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 2.12.34 PMF –  After doing one Facebook post a day do  for five days, for each small job needed to get my Eagle tire mounted, here is the last post I made:

 Another 40 minutes mounting The Eagle Bicycle tire today. And DONE! In the pictures below, toe straps are crucial to act as a third hand to keep things tight. As well, my Wiedeman Tool is getting old, so I have to use the clamp and crescent wrench that you see here to keep the tool from spreading apart where I cinch down the locking bolts.

So rewarding to have this job done! The Walter Patrick Branche Tire Method makes this job so much easier than than what the Wheelmen have on their books. And it lasts for a far longer period of time!!
In case U missed it –

17426182_1855639014723802_9189132116183879896_nG – Sent a request out to the human powered merry-go-round people that you saw Magdalena Gabriel operating here at Central Park a little over a month ago. She was doing so as a fundraiser for her children’s elementary school. While there is a sign there that states explicitly that any funds  generated by the carousel were intended for use by Davis public schools, I thought there might be a chance they might be interested in joint venturing some of that with our nonprofit National Bicycle Greenway if we supplied the manpower.

And yet since it looks like that is not possible, I asked if we could still have the carousel in operation for our festival. In fact, I’m excited that we can raise money for Davis public schools. I told them if they can supply volunteers, we would be excited to be able to promote their beautiful children’s ride as a part of our day at the park! .

I will be sure to let you know what happens!

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 10.45.37 AM
H – Now that the Davis Bike Club accepted our application for  a table at the 48th running of the legendary Davis Double Century on Saturday May 20, might there be anyone can help us get ur Davis NBG Fest known about? For me, it will be an honor for me to be there as the one and only time I rode it was in 1979, a little over a year an half after I had awakened from my coma.
Back then, everything then was a blur, despite the fact that I was riding as much as 500 miles a week in preparation for my first bike ride across America that would begin a week later. The confidence this ride gave me became the accomplishment base I used to get over the many innumerable walls that stood before me on my way not only across America but on the road to a more complete recovery. It’s sad I was never able to show this in Awake Again, all the way back from Head Injury,  but my publisher wanted a short fast moving read, so they cut that out…..
HERE is some worthy DDC history 

I –  Not far from where Steve Jobs used to live in Palo Alto, this was a part of my pretty much daily commute to downtown. And this year, instead of leaving beauty like this as we head annually for San Francisco, we’ll be riding to it from SF on Saturday July 1! You can join former Palo Alto Mayor Yoriko Kishimoto, her amazing husband, Lee Collins, Apple Computer employee #1, Daniel Kottke, UCD dynamo, Eleni Liberty Jacobson, and hopefully bike lighting genius, Barry Burr of Barry Beams will return as will others such as Carol Brouillet and new riders will join us too!!

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 11.37.01 AMJ – In news about our 15th annual Nation Mayors’ Ride that our Second Davis NBG Fest event launches, instead of our annual ride from Berkeley to Oakland City Hall, beginning this year, on Thursday, May 25, we will ride from West Oakland/Emeryville to Treasure Island to Oakland City Hall and this year’s NBG Day proclamation from Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. If you’ve never ridden the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge bike path, this will be your chance to experience the true exhilaration of being on a magnificent span high above an important body of water, with panoramic views of the cities and hills that encircle it.As we then year in, year out, ride from the trails to Treasure Island that begin in Emeryville, before we then double back to Oakland City Hall, we will be calling attention to the fact that our Main Street USA – the National Bicycle Greenway cannot begin in San Francisco until this situation is remedied. An interim fix would be a ferry service from San Francisco to Treasure Island. However, our action will send a loud message to elected officials that the San Francisco side of the bridge, before it tunnels trough Yerba Buena (that attaches to Treasure Island) needs to be made bike accessible too!

Hopefully, we will see a few HiWheel bikes on the ride. In fact this is the home turf of Greg Barron‘s Rideable Bicycle Replicas, RBR, the makers of many different levels of HiWheel/ordinary/pennyfarthing bicycles. We might even see Mark Martinez this year on his gorgeous, Superior, a top level RBB bike. John Erickson might even come down from the Sacramento area with his beautiful Superior!

All this as we enjoy the company of Tom Ayres who after he leaves the brief Oakland ceremony, will travel to Napa, to receive their NBG Day. proclamation from Mayor Jill Techel, on Friday the 26th.

50 miles later on Saturday the 27th he will arrive at our second Davis NBG Fest to a warm reception from Davis Mayor Robb Davis! His final leg  could include a twelve mile group ride from Winters and maybe Steady Eddys and/or the bike shop and/or Lorenzos Market, etc. We’ll have to explore all of the possibilities here accordingly!

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 7.30.54 PM



Send an email to if you want to ride with Dr. Tom Ayres, pictured here next to me on The Eagle Bicycle, on any of these three rides.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 8.05.29 PM
K – HERE we added the Winters option to our Napa to Davis National Bicycle Greenway route. On Saturday morning at approximately 11 AM,  times still to be determined, who wants to meet Tom Ayres, who will have ridden from Oakland and Napa,  at Steady Eddys, in Winters for the twelve mile ride to  Central Park and a reception from Mayor Robb Davis at our Davis NBG Fest?
What a way to begin a National Bike Party!!
L – Because we are getting reports that parts of the American River Trail are suffering from the winter storms, instead of a June 3 run on it, we will reschedule our Sacramento to Folsom to next Fall. Date to be announced.

M – What’s great news for cyclists in the SF Bay Area and now Central CA, is that not only do these attorneys ride, they also represent their fellow cycling brethren on a contingency basis. As in, you only pay if you win!You will get a chance to meet Rahman Law PC, principal, Shaana Rahman, in person, when they run a booth at our 6 weeks away Second Davis NBG Fest!!

 Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 2.46.50 PM
N – This is Scott Campbell, the star of our genuinely epic Mayors’ Ride intro video  bellow:

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