2017 Davis NBG Fest Schedule

DacisNBGFest2017Poster1 Tom Ayres Oakland-Napa-Davis Rider Crew Reception
1:15 City of Davis NBG Day Proclamation Reading
1:30 Roots Man Project reggae
2:00 Krieg on How Davis became an Important part of National Transportation Corridor
2:15 Lucas Frerichs on how Capital Corridor Continues to  Enrich Davis and its Cyclists
2:30 Keni guitar/piano
3 Tim Brummer the Race in which  his Bike Crossed the USA in 5 days, 1 hr
3:30 Roots Man Project
4:00 Krieg on a coast-to-cost protected bike lane
4:15 Charles Lang piano
4:30 Krieg on Placing the Davis Biking Example on the National Stage as  Home of the NBG
4:45 Sage Marie accordion