15th Annual National Mayors’ Ride Proclamation from Pittsburgh

15th Annual National Mayors’ Ride proclamation from Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, a man who genuinely understands the importance of bicycling to the quality of life in his city!! Pittsburgh was the first stop on our inaugural Mayors’ Ride in 2002 when Nick HeinTroy Bogdan and other NBG Scouts helped us and others forge the 300-mile Car-Free greenway from Washington, DC !!

A shout out tRo Fischer, who, as Mayor Tom Murphy’s scheduler, used his influence to introduce our National Bicycle Greenway Mayors’ Ride to Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago, Des Moines, Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, Reno and a handful of our seven California NBG Anchor cities.

Our 2017 Mayors’ Ride wraps up in Washington, DC this Sunday July 30!