As the director of the NBG,  in the summer of 2009, Martin Krieg flew a trial balloon when he rode the historic 1891 Eagle HiWheel across the western US to Salt Lake City to promote our nonprofit National Bicycle Greenway. His 2010 attempt ended  because a car turned in front of him, destroying his bike. It was then that he moved himself and  the Eagle to Ireland  where he biked as much as he could <link> in between the weather and the little boy <link> he brought into the world . This as he also  learned a lot about the Greenway successes the Irish are enjoying (his  meeting with Enda Kenny, the Irish president/Taoiseach) .

He returned to the USA in the summer of 2015 and landed in Davis, the Bike Capital of America where next year, the two and three wheel way of life will soar to a whole new level.

2017 – Bike lane 50th Anniversary
2017 – Davis 100th
Bike Party Davis
Car-free cyclist Mayor <NBG Meeting>

In holding the example Davis has  set  as a model for the rest of our 20 NBG Anchor cities <link> to emulate, next Fall, we will be doing a fund raising festival that will establish Davis as the home of the National Bicycle Greenway. Called the Davis NBG Fest, our event, set for October 22, will use live music and other activities to bring people to the prize give aways (top dollar  recumbent bicycles, weekend getaways, restaurant meals, etc) that will result from the  on line raffle and silent auction that will have run all summer long.

This as we also use this event to receive Amy Oleynik who will have HiWheeled across the USA on our route <link> with her dad, Randy, per this blog <link> she is running at our site.  Their historic ride will also be the first public ride on the National Bicycle Greenway route our 16 years of research has identified as the one we will use to meet the perfect world spec we long ago envisioned <link>.

National Bicycle Greenway – the time is NOW!!