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Steve Stevens, a Penny Farthing Legend

Steve Stevens, a Penny Farthing Legend



We visited with a true living legend at his home/bicycle museum in Golden, Colorado. Steve Stevens who you will soon hear about, shattered the world record for his year 2000 solo crossing of the US on a HiWheel bicycle. From the 19th century, his machine not only does not have gears but he was unable to coast any measure of that epic ride. Besides our discussion of that ride and his other HiWheel exploits, we also talk about the journey he was planning from England to Iran and then rode until a war in the Mideast forced him to stop.


At Cycle  America 2000 in Washinton DC


With Greg Lemond, America’s only Tour de France winner (3 times)

Ellen Fletcher Passes Away but Her Powerful Efforts for Cyclists Will be Felt Forever


America’s pioneering bike activist and arguably it’s most effective, succumbed to the cancer she has been battling for the last several years yesterday. Ellen Fletcher whose podcast and Busycle bike boulevard gratitude ride you saw me remaster here  just a few days ago passed away yesterday (RIP 11-7-12). An amazing lady, Palo Alto is on the national bike radar as one of its bike friendliest cities due in large part to Ellen’s work. A modest woman and a World War II Holocaust survivor, she inspired a whole generation of bike activists.


Indeed, I feel honored  to have been able to record a little bit of what has made her so great in this interview she gave to me:

Thanks Ellen for the example you set and for a life so well lived. The world is a better place because of your tireless work on behalf of cyclists everywhere.


2007 Ellen Fletcher Bike Blvd Gratitude Ride in Palo Alto, CA
Ellen taught me how to ride safe and also basic bike maintenance during my 8th grade gym class.  She will be missed.
Max Chen – Bike Art & Podcast with NBG
NBG Scout, Engineer, Blacksmith, Bike Artist


 The San Jose Mercury Story
IN depth with the Palo Alto Daily News

Nation’s Best National Bicycle Greenway Example – American River Parkway

We traveled to what we feel is a perfect world example of  how the National Bicycle Greenway  can take advantage of  the geographical assets each region all across the United States has to offer to increase the well being of all those who use it as well as those who live and work nearby. While it takes a region wide community of people from many walks of life to manage the 37+ mile American River Parkway jewel set at the base of the Sierras, we found three authoritative voices who have had decades of  experience with it on many levels. In the words ahead, you can hear what  Folsom Recreation Manger, Lynn Lepage, Folsom Water Works Operator, Daryl Pearson and Folsom Trails Director, Jim Konopka, have to say about the true bicycle treasure they get to enjoy on a daily basis.

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://www.radio4all.net/files/NBG@bikeroute.com/1680-1-AmRiver.mp3″ title=”American River Podcast”] American River Podcast  (59:03)

Excerpt from “How America Can Bike and Grow Rich” below.

Click to watch slide show:

From “How America Can Bike and Grow Rich

And it was easy to understand why. A true bicycle heaven indeed, we all looked forward to riding the American River Parkway. Perfectly smooth asphalt, it offered the ultimate two wheel escape. Tomorrow we would all be on a path that felt miles from nowhere even though busy freeways and the life of small cities lay just beyond the river bluffs. We would look out on a peaceful summer-time river that gently poured over the rocky bottom it often exposed.

Along the way, we would ride through a few tree shaded, lawn covered parks, cross the American River on an historic metal bridge and be entertained by all the people frolicking in the many different swimming holes along the way. As the trail neared the base of the Sierras we would find ourselves passing through miles and miles of untouched open space where even the occasional tell tale  sign of human life, such as  a far away building or road, almost as instantly disappeared from sight.

American River Associations

American River Conservancy

American River Natural History Association

American River Parkway Foundation

Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, the Father of Traffic Calming

Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, the Father of Traffic Calming

Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, one of the early political champions of traffic calming, talks about how taming automobile traffic has… read more