Mayors’ Ride Bios: Joe Breeze

Which relay link(s) are you interested in?
Sausalito to San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge

How did you find out about NBG/Mayors’ Ride?
Martin Kreig

Why do you want to do this ride?
This ride is something I believe in. I’m choosing this segment because our Breezer Bikes office is in Sausalito.

Tell us about your touring experience- if little or none, indicate how many miles have you ridden over the last year:
I’ve been bicycle touring for more than 35 years. .

Tell us about your bike:
The bike I’ll be riding for the Mayors’ Ride is my Breezer Villager town bike, veteran of many trips across the Golden Gate.

Please describe your training regimen:
A good portion of my miles are derived from getting where I need to go in my busy life: commuting and errands, sometimes with a loaded trailer.

How are you making time for this ride?
Anything that has such great potential to get people on bikes more often is worthy of my time..

Do you have any personal contacts that you feel could help the National Bicycle Greenway or the Mayors’ Ride? If so, please list them here:
I’m on the Advisory Board for the Marin County Bicycle Coalition.


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