NBG Accomplishments

What we’ve done to build a consciousness for the National Bicycle Greenway.

As of 2013, now that we have a map, we are shifting to the level that will get our route known about as well as actualized.


– Complete San Francisco to Washington, DC  National Bicycle Greenway map

– Build new TransAm map interface into BikeRoute.com

– SF Bay Area Mayors’ Ride

– Dublin. Ireland Mayors’ Ride

– Retire NationalBicycleGreenway.com

– Deploy new computer system

– Posterous blogging platform shut down – resurrect hundreds of lost images and files

– Change Internet Service Providers for 1000+ page site with still sorting damage caused by conflicts in upgrading to  PHP5

– Migrate blogs to Word Press.org = http://bikeroute.com/NationalBicycleGreenwayNews

– Expand Lori Yung role as site webmaster

– Begin discussions with Ray Irvin, Mr Greenway,   for 5-year cross country bus tour to get National Bicycle Greenway built.

– Krieg rehabs from broken elbow caused by crash on Recumbent

– Catalog photos, video and blogs from 2009 SF to SLC Mayors Ride and Build Web

– Fall begin rebuild broken Eagle rim

Pawel Guba Finishes Rebuilding Eagle Rim

– Lace spokes into Eagle wheel – rides Irish  roads again end December!


– Retool “How America Can Bike and Grow Rich, the NBG Manifesto” to include Ireland

– Build Ireland into 2012 Mayors’ Ride

– Krieg meets with Ireland Taoiseach (Prime Minister, country leader), Enda Kenny



– NBG starts building Fall 2011 coast-to-coast Bus/Busycle promotion


• Car collides with Eagle (link), ends 2010 campaign

• August move to Ireland – rebuild ride

• Finalize “How America Can Bike and Grow Rich, the NBG Manifesto




Busycle community rides

• Krieg starts learning Eagle HiWheel (video)

• Krieg begins blogging the training for his 2009 Mayors’ Ride

• Krieg rides Eagle San Francisco/Oakland to Salt Lake City

JohnE Cabrera buys 40 foot ‘Rock Star’ bus for 2010 Mayors’ Ride

• Write “How America can Bike and Grow Rich, The National Bicycle Greenway Manifesto”


• Work “How America can Bike and Grow Rich, The National Bicycle Greenway Manifesto (HBGR)”

• Work 2008 Mayors’ Ride

Busycle community rides


– Build Map data base– Thank you Grey Lowell – ISP communication breakdown killed hundreds of publicly submitted maps and countless hours of work

– Write “How America can Bike and Grow Rich, The National Bicycle Greenway Manifesto”

– Wait in line for one of the first iPhones sold in the world

– Rehabilitate from kidney laceration suffered while  playing football in 3rd year of Winter Saturday League

Busycle community rides

• Establish NBG Biking cities program which has the purpose of making the 16 major population centers that stand between SF and Washington DC attractive  biking destinations instead of congestion to be avoided. We do this   by exploring  their history, biking infrastructure and their  bike culture. This as we also  show cyclists  where to ride, eat, sleep, shop, sightsee and play within them.


5th National Mayors’ Ride

Scott Campbell Mayors’ Ride Boston to San Francisco

• Created On Line Movie for 2006 Mayors’ Ride

• Boston based Busycle finishes 2006 Mayors’ Ride in San Francisco with Scott Campbell

• Busycle for the Greenway demonstration rides in San Francisco Bay Area

• Work Continues on NBG Business Plan

• Write“How America can Bike and Grow Rich, The National Bicycle Greenway Manifesto”


4th National Mayors’ Ride

• Begin “How America can Bike and Grow Rich, The National Bicycle Greenway Manifesto” book and project

NBG Mountain Movers Podcast series begins

• Work Continues on NBG Business Plan


3rd National Mayors’ Ride

• Finalized “How to Bike America

Don Loomis’s Mayors’ Ride to Chicago (he continued on for a coast-to-coast)

• Work Continues on NBG Business Plan

• NBG Moves office to Palo Alto, one of America’s top biking cities


2nd National Mayors’ Ride

– Second Annual Santa Cruz NBG Fest, 8/11/02 Santa Cruz CA (same general  format and attendance as our 2002 event below)

• 2003 updated E-Book “How to Bike America”

• Work Begins on NBG Business Plan

Jim Muellner becomes first coast-to-coast Mayors’ Ride rider

• Web development team made up of Jody Fitch, Andrew Morton, Don Fong and Jim Redd create NationalBicycleGreenway.com. Complete with rider report blogs, interactive photo galleries and a mysql data base for a virtual petition effort, it is state-of-the-art.


• First Annual Santa Cruz NBG Fest, 8/11/02 Santa Cruz CA (over 2,000 attendees, featuring the world famous bicycle stunt team, Perfection on Wheels, and the regionally famous bands, Prince LawshaRobin Anderson Big BandMark Russo and the Classy Cats, and others, as well as nationally ranked bodybuilders and scores of business exhibiters, etc.

First National Mayors’ Ride – DC to Santa Cruz Mayor’s Ride, 5/2/02 – 8/11/02


• LAB National Bike Summit 3/30/01 Washington, DC

3rd Swing for NBG with Wes Anthony and Banned Together, 7/8/01


Cycle America 2000, Washington, DC 8/20/2000

• City of Santa Cruz  creates first (of hundreds)  National Bicycle Greenway Resolution   3-14-2000

• 2000 Interactive Maps


• 2000 Interactive Database

• 2000 Publish E-Book “How to Bike America”

Lighthouse send off party, Santa Cruz CA Featuring Andy Santana & the West Coast Playboys, 6/4/2000

2nd Swing for NBG w/Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums, 8/20/99

1st Swing for NBG! with Andy Santana & the West Coast Playboys, 5/10/98

• Interbike Booth/Appearances (3)



• Over 1000 TransAm rider sign-ups for Cycle America 2000 in Washington, DC.

– Begin NBG Sponsor Page with most support coming from  Recumbent Bicycle Industry 

• Congressional Support – Congressman Sam Farr’s certificate for Andy Parker’s TransAm, James Oberstar, Member of Congress 1975-2011 (D-MN) Founder Congressional Bike Caucus. Author of bicycle provisions in ISTEA and TEA21, NBG Testimonial

• Three Successful Advance Scouting Missions:
’98 Scot Colburn: Washington, DC to Boulder. CO
’99 Andy Parker: Florida to CA
’00 Max & Mark Chen: Portland to DC
’00 Andrew Morton: Reno to Salt Lake

– 1994 WRS Publishes “Awake Again, All the way back from head injury”. the true story of Martin Krieg’s two bike rides across America after a two-month coma, paralysis and clinical death. The book’s sub-plot, description, cover flaps and epilogue are all dedicated to the National Bicycle Greenway.




• From 1987 to 1993 published, under the name, Cycle America, 60,000 4-color cycling directories with eight-pages of color fold-out maps  in five different areas of CA, all with a back cover dedicated to the National Bicycle Greenway message.


• Catalyzed a local Santa Cruz, CA movement which voted $24 million to build a county long bike path. This important arterial will some day connect with Monterey County and serve as the west coast beginning of the NBG.

• National Bicycle Greenway has been featured in “Denver Post”, “Gainesville Sun”, “Good Times”, “Connection Magazine”. etc, etc

See Martin Krieg’s National Bicycle Greenway Media Journey

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