Rod Miner – From Bikes for Amputees to the Lightfoot Cycles Miracle

March 23 2011, 7:01 AM  by Martin & Virginia Krieg

We spent some time visiting with a new sponsor of our ride and the man who used to build bikes for third world victims of  land mine explosions. Rod Miner of Lightfoot Cycles, one of this nation’s greatest bike builders, thanks to the Internet has been able to keep the purity of his purpose  alive. From a tiny Montana town of 1500 people Rod has been able to flourish in satisfying his goal of supplying  people all over America and the world with  transportation that is reliable, highly efficient and highly capable.





April 5 2011, 5:36 AM  by Martin & Virginia Krieg

I was finally able to lock two dynamic powerhouses down to one place at one time so I can now show you why I am so excited about what I have learned about them over the course of our 15 years of business dealings. Far more than selling bikes, they will help you see, in the words ahead, how it has been nurturing the relationships that result that has so deeply endeared their Rapid Transit Cycles shop to the Chicago bicycle landscape. Ladies and gentleman, I present long time NBG supporters, the amazing husband and wife team of Chris Stoddard and Justyna Frank.


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Melanie Visuzzi of Free Form Fashions - Maker of clothing for bikes and their riders

Melanie Visuzzi of Free Form Fashions – Maker of clothing for bikes and their riders

Melanie Visuzzi of Free Form Fashions, also an accomplished yogini, spends some time talking  about the body socks and other apparel she makes for bikes and cyclists….

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