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2008 Mayors' Ride

Berkeley | Boston | Boulder | Chicago | Cincinnati | Columbus
Des Moines | Denver | Folsom | Golden | Indianapolis | New York City | Napa | Oakland | Omaha
Philadelphia | Pittsburgh | Rancho Cordova | Reno
Sacramento | Salt Lake City | San Francisco | Washington DC

The annual Mayors' Ride, a production of the National Bicycle Greenway (NBG), gives cities a forum they can use to show what they are doing to improve their bicycle infrastructure, especially as it relates to the NBG network of bikeable roads and paths that will one day cross the Nation.

NBG Day - What Happens?
2008 United State Conference of Mayors Proclamation

Boston to SF Mayors' Ride Video
Fri 4/25
Introduced by the
world's only 15-person
Artsist Mona Caron to buy
Podcast with NBG
6P Justin Herman Plaza
Critical Mass Ride

Interview with Jon Winston
of Bikescape

Home Base for Cyclecide
Sun 4/27
NBG Biking City Day 1
(cities w/image have NBG Biking page)
4th Annual to San Francisco - Route - 34 Mostly Flat Miles
Sun 4/27

Barry & Lee try ro remember something. Barry rode the Schwinn his decceased dad bought new in 1945

Allison and Julie at Palo Alto City Hall

Gavin Newsom

Julie, Don Loomis - 2004 NBG Coast to Coast vet (read his 2004 ride blog), Martin Krieg, Christian Wignall, Barry Burr, Allison Chalken, PhD, Mark Lind (why he's hooked on the Mayors' Ride) , not pictured, Yoriko Kishimoto, outgoing Mayor Palo Alto, current Councillor & VTA Board Director. She and her husband, Lee, dashed off to the SF opera

Martin Krieg with Mayor

It was an awesome ride [..] a fabulous way to see the great downtowns and neighborhoods of the Peninsula.  We missed the first part of the concert, but made the second.  Great fun to be with you all today, Yoriko and Lee

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Leah Shahum SFBC Director - Listen to Podcast (23:59)

Awesome lunch at La Paloma in San Bruno. Huge glasses of fresh squeezed OJ, $3, Huge burritos

Riding thru Belmont

Christian held court with his 1887 New Rapid Penny Farthing

Train Ride Home

Don's Photos|Video

NBG Photo Gallery
Palo Alto to Oakland Ride - Route - 40 flat miles
NBG Photo Gallery
4th Annual Oakland to Berkeley Ride - Route - 8 flat miles
Th 5/1

Ron Dellums

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In front of the Tribune Tower that Oakland grew up around

Oakland NBG Day 2008

Ron Bishop, Emeryville Mayor Ken Bukowski who rode with us shows off his city's new Bike Blvd signage

Berkeley NBG Day 2008

Late Arrivals

Berkely is a long time
national trend setter

Golden Gate Br in distance

Oakland cyclist who met Palo Alto group at Oakland Airport
Mayor Ken, Krieg and Tom Ayres along Bay at I-880

Landmark bike bridge crosses 1-880 to connect Berkeley proper with its bayfront

Street Level Bikes, free bike repair resources located on Berkeley side of Bike Bridge

Th 5/1

Tom Bates
(interview w/NBG)

Father of Traffic Calming

One of Berkeley's many Bike Blvds

Tom rode to Napa and back the next day and made it in time for an evening work appointment in E. Palo Alto
Berkeley to Napa ride - Route - 40 moderately rolling miles
Fri 5/2

Tom Ayres. PhD

Sandy & Rich Houck -
Napa hosts since 2002

Jill Techel

Mayor addresses Tom, Allison and Barry

Barry Burr
Barry's Beams on Ohlone Greenway in San Pablo

NBG's Napa
Connection >>

Alison Chaiken, PhD
She is the inventor of the
Make- your-own Bite-Valve
Hydration System.
Here she is pictured on the landmark Carquinez Bridge approach

NBG Photo Gallery
4th Annual American River Bikeway HiWheel Run - Route - 25 best bike miles in the world
Sun 5/4
Heather Fargo

Martin with Heather Fargo & Mamie Yee who also presented a proclamation for the Sacramento County Supervisors

Mayor Fargo, blessed us at Capitol

Peter & Jeri Wagner with SamBaby Sam, 4 mos old, - youngest NBG rider ever!

Hi Wheel Riders
Ed Cox, Sacto Bike Coordinator | Terry Horlick | Martin Krieg | Peter Wagner | Christian Wignall

Cyrus Abhar, Public Works Director, R.Cordova, & son Arya | Robert Boyd | Wai Chong | Mary & Joe Fatula | Karen Holland | Terrie Horlick | Bruce Morrical, Sac Bike Hikers | Randy Mitchell | Jeri Mitchell | Jeri Wagner

rRancho feast eaters
Parkinson's survivor, Stewart Gherini, white hat, TALKS Trail & Torpedo Trike

Light Rail back to Sacramento
Linda Budge
Rancho Cordova

Steve Harriman's Photos

Rancho Cordova fed & celebrated us!

Folsom Tourist Bureau had huge picnic spread, gifts, city staff, councillors, even a zoo tour for us!

Bruce Morrical's Photos
NBG Photo Gallery
2006 | 2005 | 2004

Eric King

Karen Pardieck, Charley McCann, Folsom History Museum, Christian, former Mayor Andy Morin, Kim Kennedy & Janae Noble of Princess Promenade, Mary Ann Mcalea, Folsom Tourist Bureau Director. Not pictured, Jayne and Ali Brenning also of Tourist Bureau.

(Capitol to the River)

Th 5/8

Cashell Rides the Bus!

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Bob Cashell

Tim Healion (CEO Tour de Nez), Mike Galioto (ownr GSR Bicycles), Cliff Young (NV Ped-Bike ), Bob Cashell (Mayor), Dave Aiazzi (Councillor) , Ernie McNeill (ViP Procrastinating Pedalers), Mike Damon (past prez Reno Whlmn), Mark Trujillo (ownr Waldens Coffee)
Mon 5/19

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Ralph Becker

Luke Garrott (SLC Councillor), Jamie Cowen (SLC Bike Collective) (SLCBC), Bob Springmeyer (Utah Governor candidate), Jeff & Sandy Levenson (Bonneville Bicycle Club), unknown Sandy, Utah cyclist, Michael Wise (SLCBC), Ralph Becker (Mayor), Jonathan Morrison (SLCBC Director)
Mayor Ralph Becker
is a genuine cyclist. He regularly bikes to work as do several members of his staff.
Bob Spring-meyer,
an ardent cyclist, & favored candidate for Utah Governor, invited to ride Krieg to the Governor's Mansion from state border if he wins!
Sun 6/1

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Shaun McGrath

Paul Tepley
receives proclamation from Boukder Bike Coordinator, Marni Ratzell at 11th annual Circle Boulder

U.S. home of first Bike to Work Day 1877

Mon 6/2 Golden
Jacob Smith

TransAm Record Holder (29 days), Steve Stevens led riders | Hear Podcast

Councillor Bill Fisher and his two young sons, Chris Krieg, Steve Stevens, Mayor Jacob Smith, John Reinthaler

Route- 20 miles from Boulder

Lunch and bicycle museum tour at
<< shop owned and operated by Steve Stevens

Mon 6/2
John Hickenlooper

John Reinthaler, Oakland, CA Fire Dept in front of Muralist Chris Krieg, Councillor, Chris Nevitt, Steve Stevens

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Daytime Population Change

Route - 17 miles From Golden
Wed 6/11

3rd Best US City
to Live, Work & Play

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Mike Fahey

Due to be complete in 2009, this landmark bike and ped bridge over the Missouri River will connect Nebraska and Iowa with foot power

L-R, Al Lin, Recreation Coordinator for the Univ. of Neb. Med. Center, Julie Harris, Activate Omaha, Karen Anderson, National Park Service, Gerry Bowen, Papio-Missouri Natural Resources District, Mayor Fahey, Denny Duer, Bikeable Communities! Patrick McNamara, Omaha Community Foundation, Kent McNeil,, Bike Shop Owner, Kerri Peterson, Our Healthy Communities Partnership, Vickie & Jim Rubeck, Omaha Bike Pedalers,

540 miles from Denver

Flooding Crisis in Iowa: Des Moines Cancellled
Tues 6/17

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Frank Cownie

City Hall
on the Des Moines River
Mon 6/23

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342 Miles from Des Moines

Richard Daley

NBG Scout Victor Grinshtein w/CBF Ambassador Carolos Cuerta
Fri 6/27

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Gregory Ballard

Ray Irvin's vision for a statewide trail network
Mr Greenway, Ray Irvin
poses with Scott Campbell

How Ray Irvin foreses a National Greenway System! 48:13
Transcript for above Interview

The Facts: How Ray Irvin transformed the region
Tues 7/1
Mark Mallory
Coming Soon: Video of his NBG Day ceremony

Purple People Bridge at 2,670 ft, connects OH & KY with longest US bike/ped bridge
About Cincinnati

City Transportation Program

City Transportation PrgrmA Proactive Sustainability Leader (See the Mayor's 2005 Green Memo)
Wed 7/2
America's 15th largest city

20 Yr Bike Master Plan Declared

Mike Coleman
A Real Bullets Cyclist

O6 Reception


2006 Scott Campbell with triathlete Councillor:
MaryEllen O'Shaughnessy,

2005 Pedalin Poet, Fred Kirchner, met the Mayor

Pittsburgh is celebrating its 250th Birthday!
Mon 7/7


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Luke Ravenstahl

In 2002, Pittsburgh hosted NBG's first ever Mayors' Ride reception. Pictured : Gil Gilmore, former Mayor Tom Murphy, Dave Rabinowitz
Pittsburgh to Washington DC on C&O Canal Towpath

2006 Picture Journey
Slide Show | Stills

2005 | 2004 | 2003

Nick Hein
Ridimg down epic, Car Free
C&O Canal

Mon 7/14
10:30 AM

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Adrian M. Fenty

Councillor Tommy Wells, Nick, Mayor Fenty representative Mark Bjorge (behind camera Neha Bhatt, Ward 6 Transportation Policy Advisor)
2002 Mayors' Ride
Inaugural Send off Video
Fri 7/18
Michael Nutter
at 2008 Bike to Work Day
About Philadelphia

City Hall
Tues 7/22

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Mike Bloomberg

City Hall
Fri 7/25

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3rd Greenest
city in US
Tom Menino

Menino "drives" the Busycle


City Hal
1 All NBG Days at City Hall and at 12 noon unless otherwise noted

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