2009 Mayors' Ride
Palo Alto | San Francisco | Oakland | Berkeley | Napa | Davis | Sacramento | Folsom | Reno
Salt Lake City |

First backwards HiWheel to go interstate West to East! First to PEDAL whole way!

Day Sponsors
Wayne/Cathy Douglass (2)
Rick Reis - Full Body Bicycle
Emily Young - Steve Branz
JohnE Cabrera
Don Looomis
Sven Thesen
Dwight Harbaugh
Andrew Morton
Mimi Wolf
Kathy Krieg
Alix Meyer
Richard Krieg
John Dohner (2)
Silvie Pierce
Marty Reininger
Tom Ayres
David Martin
Gil Gilmore
Richard Krieg
Bern Krieg
Roland Hsu
Ghallaghers Pub
Jing Nelson
Richard Holbrook Paul Ferguson Jeff Walsh

NBG Biking City
(Click for details)
Building a Four Year Buzz for the Ride

Famed Bike Activist, Ellen Fletcher steers the Busycle on Ellen Fletcher Bike Blvd Day

SF NBG Day with Supervisor Chris Daly & his staff

Jack Castor
w/ Busycle & Unwheeldy

Palo Alto Mayor Judy Kleinberg steers the Busycle on Palo Alto NBG Day

Scores of Busycle
Rides Including:

- Jack Castor Tour CA Pre-Ride
- Ellen Fletcher Bike Blvd Gratitude Ride
- Maker Faire
Palo Alto NBG Day

Farewell Party | Report

1891 Eagle

- Eagle Joins Busycle 2-6-09
- Start Learning the Eagle Rides
- Eagle Conquers Dumbarton Br.
- Ines Brunn Press || Bio || Exhibition

Learning to Mouunt

Climbing & Descending
Consequences of late 2008 World Financial Collapse

Man to ride rare bike across U.S.
Palo Alto to San Francisco ride 35 miles

World Famous Bike Activist, Ellen Fletcher

Palo Alto to SF Ride
Our ride up the SF Peninsula to The City stopped for lunch in San Bruno at the La Paloma Restaurant

SF Send off Gallery
by Sam Laser!!

2006 Critical Mass w/ Busycle
About SF cycling Thornley | judy b. | Mona C | Frank | Chris C

2009 Eagle Send off Video by Sam Laser (12:25 info packed)!!
Palo Alto to Berkeley Solo Ride (48 miles) Report | Photo Gallery

Overlooking SF & Bay
from host, Tom Ayres home

Tom Bates
Father of Traffic Calming
(interview w/NBG)
Ron Bishop talks about Oakland cycling (27:28)
Berkely to Napa Report | Gallery

2009 reception w/Vice-Mayor
Juliana Inman

My 2009 host & >>
NBG's Napa
Connection >>

Jerry Grulkey, Hamlet, OR Mayor, talks with Arcata Mayor Bob Ornelas and friend
Napa to Davis - Report
John Young
guided me to Davis

Paul Guttenberg, my Davis Host, w/me,
Mayor Ruth Asmundson, Michael W.

Davis to Sacto - Report

West Sacramento Mayor's office

The Sacramento Story

Lori Yung,
NBG Tech Genius

Peter Wagner Rack

Robert Howe w/Krieg

Ed Cox
(Sac Bike Coordinator)
my Sacramento host

Ed Cox w/Peter Wagner
after they made new rack for Krieg's Eagle

Krieg with CalTrans Director Will Kempton at Sac Bike-2-Work

Sacramento Bike Kitchen
Sacramento to Folsom Report | Gallery
Steve Miklos

Lynn LePage
Folsom Recreation Mngr
Foosom Host rode me to Placerville

Folsom & Rancho Cordova chieftans
Folsom to Reno Reports one | two | threefour | five
First HiWheel to Pedal (no walking) over the Sierras!

American River

Placerville Host

Adjacent Picture Photographer

Mayor Bob Cashell with
Scheduler Marcia Morse
Councillor Dave Aizzi

Mike Damon My Reno host

Truckee River runs thru downtown and across city
Cashell on Busycle
520 miles to Salt Lake City
across Nevada, the most mountainous
state in Union
(first HiWheel to pedal all of it!)
Reno to Elko Report one | two | three | four | five (to Wells, NV before I backtracked to Elko)

Manny Garcia rode with me for a few days

Rumble Strip Hell, the length of I-80 in NV

10 days in Elko, NV waiting for electric storms to pass (I needed two consecutive days w/o lightning to get across the Bonneville Salt Flats).
Elko NV Report:
why | one | two | gallery

Greg Parker, Elko Host

Elko to Salt Lake

What eastern stretch of I-80 in NV looks like from a car - VIDEO
102 mile Salt Lake Basin (NO Services)
biggest bicycle gut suck of my life
What the Salt Flats look like from a car - Video

Mayor Ralph Becker
is a genuine cyclist. He regularly bikes to work as do several members of his staff.
A trial balloon for my proposed, 2015 ride, on the Eagle, across the USA.
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