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Berkeley | Castlebar, Ireland | Davis | Dublin, Ireland | Golden, CO
Oakland | Palo Alto | Sacramento | San Francisco | San Jose | Santa Cruz

Mayor Miles Notes
Tuesday, April 22
Earth Day - - Thomas Stevens 130th
Golden, Colorado
Marjorie Sloan

Picture of San Jose mayor, Chuck Reed

2002 July 27th Host to 35th
Wheelmen Meet

Home of Coors,
largest brewery in USA

2005 NBG Day in Golden
Councilor Bill Fisher and his two
young sons, Chris Krieg, Steve
Stevens, Mayor Jacob Smith,
John Reinthaler. an Oakland, CA fireman

1889 Golden Washington Avenue
across from the Foss Building,
one block from the current Arch

Why Golden

2014 group (see report above) !
Ride Reports 2013 | 2014

Mayor Sloan w/Stevens & 8 other
(4 not pictured) cyclists.

Steve Stevens
A Legendary Resident
Fastest HiWheel TransAm (29 days)!

Home of

Greg Lemond at Golden Oldy


Date NBG Biking City
(Click for details)
Mayor Miles Notes
Ron Bishop Oakland to PedalFest Lake Meritt tour

Jean Quan

w/Bishop & Krieg

Ron, the Bike Mayor

Oakland has over 120 parks, more park acres than most cities.

Oakland City Center Marriott Becomes NBG Oakland Anchor with Honor for Ron Bishop

click to learn about Oakland biking
47th Biggest City in USA

Mayor's Proclamation Draft for Ron

Ron Bishop
(in memory)

2008 Oakland NBG Day

Oakland NBG Day
Andrew Morton with, L-R, Asst Dir. Public Works, Raul Godinez II, Councilmember Jane Brunner, Coucil President (Ignacio De La Fuentes) Scheduler, Georgia Richardson, San Francisco Bay Trail Project Manager, Janet McBride

Nancy Nadel, with city
officials & NBG Scouts

Vice Mayor Nancy Nadel w/Krieg & Jim Muellner

Quan and Krieg at
author Jack London's
famous cabin

2004 Oakland NBG Day with Jerry Brown,
now the Governor of the State of California
also honors Krieg as a native son of Oakland

2013 Group Meets at Oakland Ferry

Ron Bishop talks about Oakland cycling (27:28)

Tom Bates

Mayor and his Sr Aide, Julie Sinai with scouts

One of Berkeley's many Bike Blvds

Tom Bates
Father of traffic calming
talks about how his city has benefited from quieter streets. (25:28)

Emeryville Mayor Ken Butkowski , Krieg and Tom Ayres, vice-president EBBC, along Bay at I-880
Berkeley NBG Day 2008

Late 2008 Arrivals

Tom rode Berkeley to San Diego to scout the West Coast Greenway in 2013

Landmark bike bridge crosses one of the world's busiest freeways, I-880. in connecting Berkeley proper with its bayfront.
Berkeley is a long time
national trend setter

Free Speech March on UC Berkeley campus
May 30, 1965
- First police dept to use lie detector technology
- First bicycle cops
- First radio equipped police cars
- First airship disaster in the United States
- First to voluntarily integrate its public schools
- First to ban Styrofoam
- First to switch to biodiesel for city cars
- Etc....


Santa Cruz to San Jose Ride

click to learn about Santa Cruz biking

Hilary Bryant

Santa Cruz Virtual
Bike Tour

Skot Paschal,
Popular teacher & veteran NBG Scout, stricken w/rare cancer,
he passed away 4/22/06
NBG Eulogy
His epic 2005
Boise to Eugene Ride

Councilman Micael Hernandez, Krieg,
Congressman Sam Farr at 2002 Lighthouse Party

West Cliff Dr site of
Cycle America 2000
Lighthouse Send Off

Skot on 2005 ride NBG did for him

Roberto Lovato l rode after hip replacement for Skot

Skot Paschal, in black cap, in middle next to Mayor, surrounded by well wishers, city staff.

Tim McCloskey powered thru his own cancer scare to ride over Coast Range to San Jose and then Palo Alto another 25 bike miles away

Doug Huskey led group over Coast Range to San Jose reception

Chuck Reed

Picture of San Jose mayor, Chuck Reed

Hans Larson
San Jose Transportation Director

Andrew Morton talks with 2002 Mayor, Ron Gonzales,
as the media crowds in for a closer look

San Jose
Capital of Silicon Valley
Described in "How America Can Bike and Grow Rich"
10th Biggest City in USA

John Brazil, San Jose Bike Coordinator, Yves Zsutty, Citywide Trail System Manager w/Krieg & Santa Cruz to San Jose riders

Ellen Fletcher (RIP) with Krieg and San Jose Bike coordinator, John Brazil

Mayor's Cttn Dir., David Vossbrink, with Krieg, Scouts and San Jose Bike coordinator, John Brazil, standing next to Randy Mitchell

Over the Hill cyclists (from Santa Cruz) w/SVBC board members, city staff and Palo Alto bound cyclists

Don Loomis 2004 send off

Date NBG Biking City
(Click for details)
Mayor Miles Notes
Mr. Bicycle, Peter Wagner's, Tour of Davis
City Proclamation Announcing Peter Wagner Day
Report & Video!

Peter' with his workhorse tadpole upright. One of his many, many custom machies, this is the bike he regulalrly uses to
move his entire family about town!

3-year old Lilly slept in the seat below Peter on the double decker tall bike you see him on here.
Joe Krovoza

Nicknamed "Bike City USA" and the "Bike Capital of America," Davis enjoys bike lanes on 95 percent of its arterial roadways, and a whopping 22 percent of residents commute by bike. It was the first (and one of only three) cities to earn a platinum designation by the League of American Bicyclists and is home of the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame. 

2009 Paul Guttenberg, Krieg, former Mayor, Ruth Asmundson, unparalleled Car-Free Legend, Michael Washington

2003 Davis American River Parkway Send-Off


Date NBG Biking City
(Click for details)
Mayor Miles Notes

Embassy Suites Sacramento Joins our Landmark Hotel Lineup
Tour of Sacramento
35th Biggest City in USA

Front Wheel Drive
World Record Holder | 2013 Race Across America Fastest Femaie
2014 Ride Report
Fri 9/19
Kevin Johnson

Sacramento native son,
Cal Berkeley grad, former NBA superstar

Krieg with Mayor Heather Fargo & Mamie Yee
who also presented a proclamation for the
Sacramento County Supervisors

Mickey OBrien of LaidBack Cycles, Ike Crasher (kneeling), Martin Kreig, Mary Ann Blackwell, Bay Area Easy Riders Touring director, Pam, Conrad Lawrence, Ed Cox. Sac Bike Coordinator,and Phyllis
Krieg with CalTrans Director
Will Kempton
at Sac Bike-2-Work
Don Loomis 2004 American River Parkway send off Ed Cox w/Peter Wagner after
they made a new rack for Eagle

Date NBG Biking City
(Click for details)
Mayor Miles Notes
6th Annual Palo Alto to San Francisco Ride
Image of a camera  2008 PA to SF Photo Gallery

click to learn about SF biking


World Famous Bike Activist,
Ellen Fletcher RIP 11-7-12

Ellen Fletcher steers the Busycle
Ellen Fletcher Bike Blvd Day

2014 Start group: Peter Wagner and kids Sam & Lilly, Pam Slocum & Scott Campbell, Lee Collins, Martin Krieg, Shawn & Elana Raymond, Dan Kottke, Jeri Wagner, Barry Harvis, Gabriella Wilson. Back row: Drew Wilson, Yoriko Kishimoto

View Palo Alto to San Francisco Bike Route in a larger map

2006 Mayor, Judy Kleinberg

Judy steers the Bus in
downtowm Palo Alto

Bob Schneeveis's Solar Powered
Walking Chariot followed us
Date NBG Biking City
(Click for details)
Mayor Miles Notes
2nd Annual Tour de San Francisco

Carla Laser

Andy Thornley, at left, tells Dave
Snyder about his talk later in day.
Among others not pictured was
Bikescape creator, Jon Winston.
His show placed SF cycling and
Critical Mass on int'l scene

Jay Broemmel of Cyclecide, the
nationally famous touring, traveling
bike rodeo, with his Golden Gate
Bridge Bike


First annual
Tour of San Francisco
Led by

San Francisco Bicycle Ballet and
Carla Laser
with Martin Krieg

Read 2014 Report

2013 Ride Report

2011/2012 NBG Bus Decal Provider

Ride Ambassador, L'il Mike,
in red, greets us

Jack Kerouac Aley

Krieg and legendary Dave Snyder

Group listens to Chris Carlsson
about Mission Rock Pier 50

Carol Brouillet, of Community
in pink, looks back at
group in Chinatown

Sonny Francis of the Domino Club
greeted us. A community leader in
the Fillmore. he provides many
ctty services including his work
with at-risk youth

World's Fastest Production Bikes

Edwin M. Lee

Leah Shahum SFBC
Podcast (23:59)

10 y.o. John rode to the City from Palo Alto

San Francisco’s Foremost Green Hotel, the InterContinental San Francisco, S SF to DC National Bicycle Greenway Route

San Francisco Biking Logo
click to learn about SF biking
13th Biggest City in USA


Krieg with former Mayor, the legendary Wilie Brown

Sally Lieber 2012 State Senate runner-up at Critical Mass w/Krieg, Eagle Story

Fred Lyon 109 pg. SF Gallery

Krieg with former Mayor Gavin Newsom

Supervisor Chris Daly, Krieg, Jimmer C (Mayor's Proclamationist), Scott Campbell, Pam Slocum

2006 SF NBG Day with Busycle

Most Ambitious Bike Plan in World Approved

San Francisco is a Gold-level Bicycle Friendly Community
San Francisco FAQ

About SF cycling Thornley | judy b. | Mona C | Frank | Chris C

2009 Eagle Send off Video by Sam Laser (12:25 info packed)!!

6% of San Francisco Commutes by bike!
Most in USA!!


2014 River Ride
Re-scheduled to 2015 or 2016
to receieve Mr Greenway, Ray Irvin, and Martin Krieg NBG Tour of America

Folsom Garden Inn
Where the Ride ends
9th Best Cycling Town
in America

Dan Skoglund

Former Mayor, Ken Cooley

Ed Cox
(Sac Bike Coordinator)
Ride Leader

Terry Horlick & Krieg lead trikes thru Sacto
2008 Mayor Fargo, blessed us at Capitol

NBG Photo Gallerries

Podcast w/Slide Show

B Morrical's 
2008 Photos


Kerri Howell

Former Mayor Andy Morin w/Krieg
at Folsom Powerhouse send off


Mayor Miles Notes

Ireland Leader, Enda Kenny, a
Castlebar native & genuine cyclist, met
with Krieg
to discuss NBG Ireland
Saturday, Aug 30
Follow the Eagle Tour de Castlebar, Ireland
About the Tour
Population, 12.138
Eagle view of

Noreen Heston
Picture of San Jose mayor, Chuck Reed

2013 Mayor Brendan Henaghan
w/son Tom at his Castlebar store

Brand New
Greenway Cafe

Accomodation, Liesure and Rural Conference Cener

Laugh Lannagh Resort as toured by National Bicycle Greenway

Christ Church 1739

Beauty surrounds edges of town

Church of Holy Rosary 1901

View Follow the Eagle Tour de Castlebar Sites in a larger map

2014 REPORT !

1886 Occupy Ireland

MacHale Park, world class sporting
venue seats 42,000

Ciunty seat of County Mayo, its
large, busy downtown is a major
destination for shoppers from all
over the west of Ireland

Docent insight by town historian,
Ernie Sweeney

CEO, Blacksmith Pawel Guba, the man who
keeps the Eagle on the road here in Ireland

Bike Trails at Lough Lannagh to soon connect
to world class, Great Western Greenway,
Europe's finest

Relaxation tools for cyclists

Tour of Dublin, Ireland Ride

Sun 8/31

Irish Houses of Parliament
(Dublin is a Sister City to San Jose, CA )

Peter Matthews
International HiWheel
Legend & Trick Riding

Peter Matthews at his Dublin home with Martin

Dublin cycle routes
(planned and present)

Coucillors Cuffe, Montague and Cúán and Mobhí Cuffe

Dublin 2014 Micro-Tour Report

Video Broadstone Railway
(15 mins)

St. Stephen's Green

A Bikeway along the historic
River Liffey from the Port of
Dublin? by Ciaran Cuffe
One | Two
Dublin Councilor Ciaran Cuffe
to co-lead Tour of Dublin.
He is pictured
below with with Irish racing
legend Sean Kelly

Dublin Councilor,
Andrew Montague,
World's Top Bike Activist
Author Dublin Bike Rental
Scheme (see video)
co-led ride

Mnister Transport Noel Dempsey,
Kelly, Cuffe



2013 Mayors' Ride Mountain Movers
The people who making this effort possible

Inventor Bill Leikam

Don Armstrong

Park Automotive

Peter Stull

John E Cabrera

Lori Yung


Dierdre McMahon & Robert Martinez of
Palo Alto Eyeworks
both ardent cyclists!

Kirk Newell

Jason Reser

Interview w/NBG

Wayne & Cathy Douglass

Lynn LePage, Recreation
Manager, City of Folsom

Tom Schoeniger - 4130inc

Virginia w/Kirsten & Frank Flynn of
Sustainable Home

John Dohner w/wife Katherine

Dale Clark

Tim Brummer

Interview w/NBG

Don Loomis

Eagle Rim Painter
Castlebar, Ireland

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