Mayor's Ride FAQ
What is the NBG?
The National Bicycle Greenway  is envisioned as a  nationwide network of interconnected bike friendly roads and bicycle pathways that will connect cyclists to major cities all throughout the US. In developing a standard for these thruways that emphasizes safety and efficacy, the NBG will give its highest priority to the transportational cyclist. In advancing this cause, click here to see what we have accomplished since 1987.

What is the Mayors' Ride?
Starting from big cities in all four corners of the US, with the blessings of the Mayors in each of these municipalities, relay teams of National Bicycle Greenway (NBG) cyclists, as the move across America, will collect support from the leaders of other large population centers. As these bicycle adventurers pass through supporting NBG Day cities they will receive proclamations in ceremonies ranging from fifteen minute certificate presentations to media extravaganzas that have included police escorts, newspaper, TV and radio interviews and hordes of photographers. Some have also seen displays and public speaking that celebrate advancements in the local two wheel way of life. To insure that these events will make for unforgettable celebrations, the National Bicycle Greenway has made available an easy to follow checklist for event planning.

Why Mayors Rides?

The Mayors' Ride is a fully self supported ride made by a relay rider(s) (at least one and never more than 10) who determines his own routing, as well as provides for his own lodging needs whether the choice be hotels or camping. Departure dates are suggested as well as flexible. Arrival dates are firm as per our yearly schedule

Here is the checklist your Mayor's office can use to ensure a successful event:

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