NBG Anchor Cities
The major cities our route passes through on the way from San Francisco to Washington, DC

Learn where to ride, eat, sleep and play in:
Santa Cruz | San Jose | Palo Alto | San Francisco | Oakland | Davis | Sacramento | Reno | Salt Lake CIty | Boulder
| Omaha | Des Moines | Chicago | Indianapolis | Cincinnati | Columbus | Pittsburgh | Washington, DC

Other NBG Biking Cities:New York City | Boston | Calistoga

Note: Since 2002, our Mayors' Ride program has sent NBG Scouts off in search of the best roads and paths that run through and connect the major  cities between San Francisco and Washington DC. In making these cities attractive to cyclists, we are using NBG Anchor Cities to show that the large cities you see here are most enjoyable on a bike once you know where to ride, eat, sleep, shop, sightsee and play in them. Toward that end, we have enjoined the knowledge of local cyclists and city bike coordinators to let the eighteen major stops on our coast-to-coast route be seen from the pedal machine's perspective. .

The report cards that you will find here, since they have been compiled by city staff, also have the effect of placing each of these population centers  in friendly quality of life competition with one another. This as they also use our NBG Anchor Cities as a forum to showcase the good two wheel work they are doing. This, of course, creates a momentum that will grow in size and stature as they also reach out to each other to form the National Bicycle Greenway.

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