National Bicycle Greenway respects your privacy and will not sell or give any personally identifiable information (email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses) to anyone or any organization except as required by law.

We reserve the right to amend or change this policy at any time.

We recognize two types of users, visitor and volunteer, and as such have brought forth policies for each.


No personal information is collected except in cases where goods are purchased, donations are made, virtual signing form is completed, or to answer questions posed by our visitors.

For donations and purchases, we collect your name, address, and phone number for our records. Credit card numbers (if applicable) are only used to complete a transaction.

Virtual Petition-
We collect your name, email address, and region and use this information to inform you when one of our riders is coming through your area to collect signatures. Your email address is only used for this purpose.

Questions to NBG-
We collect your name and email address for correspondence, whether directly by email or by filling out a form. Your name and email address are not used for any other communication beyond the scope of the correspondence unless express consent is made.

Site tracking-
We do not track individual visitors, nor do we use cookies for this purpose. We do track the number of visits to pages in our website in order to gauge our success and make improvements.

Bulletin Boards/Chat Boards-
We encourage our visitors to reach out to others in the community, but due to the public nature of bulletin boards - it is at your own risk.  Do not share what you don't want others to know.  If you value your privacy, screen names are encouraged.   If you wish to be reached, we encourage you to use an alternate email address instead of your primary email address to reduce the risk of spam.


The above apply, except we do use cookies for volunteers who log in to assist us in managing our site. This includes the members' area where volunteers can update trip reports, authorize advocacy information and rides to our databases, update news and news releases.

We collect volunteers names and email addresses. As part of being a volunteer with NBG, we do distribute announcements unless requested otherwise. This information we collect will not be sold or shared with anyone or any organization, except with other volunteers as needed for certain projects.

Riders who wish to spread their story with the community are encouraged to use a name (or pseudonym) which we will distribute on the website and via email. Riders may choose to publish personally identifiable information in their trip reports (beyond their name). NBG is not responsible for the contents of said trip reports as we do not solicit any personally identifiable information for this purpose. If personal information deemed sensitive was inadvertently posted, we'll make every concession to have it removed at the rider's request.

If you have any questions regarding our policy, you may contact us at