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1994 by WRS Publishiing,
Rights purchased 6/95 by Cycle America

An on-line book by Martin Krieg, it was written over a two year period for cyclists riding coast to coast for the National Bicycle Greenway - updated regularly it gives an inside look at the mindset such an accomplishment requires.

Led by publisher, Martin Krieg. before the web, from 1987 to 1994, the Cycle America Publishing Co. produced 70,000, 4" x 9" cycling guides, with 8-pages of 4-color fold-out maps in five different areas of CA.
Examples >>>>

California Central Coast  1991 (Out of Print 2/92)

California Wine Country  1993 (Out of Print 10/96 ) A wonderfully detailed bicycle directory to the San Fransisco Bay Area and the Napa & Sonoma Valleys.
<< Ghost writen by Martin Krieg 1990 (Out of Print 2011)


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