The Annual Mayors' Ride - Why I am Hooked.
Hi all,

Two years ago I had never ridden more that about 7 miles and was very uncomfortable riding on busy streets. Then I met Faye and Martin and got talked into riding from San Jose to Palo Alto with them and a few others for the Mayors Ride. WOW! Just riding with the group I learned so much about how to SAFELY ride even on busy streets. It was amazing to me was that I was able to go all the way from San Jose to Palo Alto. Oh my God it was so much fun! The first thing I did on reaching Palo Alto was race into work and beg my boss for the next day off so I could go to SF the next day (both rides were on weekdays). I gladly did some work that night so I could have the next day off. WOW again. That entire day stands out as a peak experience. I’m staring 50 in the face so when I say it was one of the best days in my life, you can believe it.

This group is not out to prove something, except maybe in my case, that it’s possible to laugh so hard your stomach hurts while enjoying some of the most scenic routes I have ever been on. I know there are bigger issues like global warming and sustainable living but I admit I was too selfish to think about anything but how great it was to be with people like Martin and Faye, her son Schuyler, Scott and his girlfriend and many others that rode some or all of both rides. Scott used to teach road bicycle safety and I learned 90% of everything I know about it just by watching him, following him and doing the things that he did. To this day I get compliments from people I ride with for the way I handle myself on the road. There is no magic there; you just have to have someone that knows how and is willing to make safety a priority. I had no clue what I was doing and was not a strong rider. The vibe was one of joy and encouragement I haven’t experienced before or since.
Before I shut up, I’ll also say that ride two years ago changed my life. The next year I bought my first “real” road bike. Last year I had the courage to ride several fundraisers, riding up to a hundred miles in a day and raising money for causes like the war on cancer, diabetes, MS and several others. I often accuse Martin and Faye of creating a monster! As monsters go, I’m a good one I think.

I don’t know you but I beg of you, don’t let this pass you by. You need money to buy your own snacks/ lunch and a train ticket home. You would do well to bring a spare tube in case you have a flat, I can show you how to change it if need be. Nobody is going to ask for anymore than that, period.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you.

Mark Linde
Sr. Programmer
Creative i
NBG Books

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