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63 MPH Tanya Markham to sign autographs
How to Build a wooden bike by Tom Kabat
How to Build Wheel by Jeff Kistler
Scott Campbell 2006
NBG TransAm Scout
Don Loomis 2004 NBG TransAm Scout
How Build a
Bamboo bike
Jeannie Llewellyn Logistics & CEO
Final Report!

Busycle Farewell FUN-draiser Kick Off Party
Sat Nov 15, 2008
Palo Alto YMCA, 4PM outside 6-10 PM inside, Palo Alto
$10 advance / $12 at door (kids <12 Free)

Goal - $160,000 | Needs
BioDiesel Tow Bus Sag Vehicle - Why
Fast Freddy Markham First Man to Pedal 65 mph to tell Why his bike is in the Smithsonian
Lightning F40 Racing & Commuting on the World's Fastest Bikeby Tim Brummer
Paul Llewellyn Video
Jobst Brandt, world famous author of "The Bicycle Wheel", to speak
Bob Schneeveis Solar Powered Walking Robot
Tango Dance exhibition
Vegan Fast Food
7/15/08 Busycle Caterer
All-Terrain Tiki Bar.
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NBG Day - What Happens?
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Be a select guest to Chris Llewellyn’s (at left) 16th Birthday!!! NBG Director, Martin Krieg, at right., also turns 16 +++ on the same day

Join the nonprofit National Bicycle Greenway (NBG) in helping Martin Krieg assure safe passage for the world famous 15-person Busycle when he escorts it from San Francisco to Boston next Spring on his third bike ride across America. Joined by Chris Llewellyn and a team of scouts, Krieg will be connecting 22 Mayors' Ride cities to one another on a 19th Century Penny Farthing to honor the 125 year anniversary of the very first bike ride across the US by Thomas Stevens.

We here at the National Bicycle Greenway have been honored with the Busycle for two seasons now as we ramp up for its return to the 60-person community that built it in Boston, MA. You can help us get it back to the artists, professors, engineers, pastry chefs and mechanics, etc, who let us play with it as we now collect ideas, designs and ehancements for Busycle 2.0!

Parking Lot Enlarge
Layout >>> >
At this sprawling YMCA complex, our event will take place in the massive gym at left, above. While just outside the doors is the enormous parking lot, at the far right, where there will be a 1/4 mile loop for Busycle rides and the kinetic sculpture vehicles from throughout the Bay Area that will be there!

Come to our party!!

Busycle West Coast | Busycle Boston | 2009 Ride Vision Statement

Sat Nov 15, 2008
4-10 PM
$10 advance /12 at door
(includes NBG membership and free NBG water bottles while supplies last)

Palo Alto Family YMCA, 3412 Ross Road, Palo Alto, CA
(650) 856-9622

Event info - 415-240-4712

Ticket Amount

Zip code:

(tax deductible)
Purchase in TEN dollar increments - your name(s) will be placed in will call

Press Kit

Jobst Brandt - Biking the Alps Slide show
Freddy Markham - Pedaling 65 mph, why my bike's in the Smithsonian
Tim Brummer - Racing & Commuting on the World's Fastest Bike
Tom Kabat - How to Build a Wooden Bike
Jeff Kistler - How to Build a Bicycle Wheel

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More on Event
• Busycle 2.0 contest - Designs/Suggestions collectedt
• Raffle for some pretty neat prizes, including Driver's Seat of Busycle!
• Busycle 2.0 Brainstorming Seminar
• Meet the SF to Boston Escorts
• Watch unicyclists, jugglers
• Kid games
• Booksigning

Jeri Wagner, aced Klamath Falls KSR
The New Velo Swap at the Cow Palace 11/29-30
John E. Cabrera Random Events Mgr
Silvie Pierce Tactician
Peter Wagner, Mr Bicycle of Davis, CA, bringing 9 of of his amazing bikes. He has built and owns hundreds!!

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